Speculative Vision / Margot Harknett

Plastic Packaging is the main example of single use plastic, representing a quarter of the total volume of plastics and almost a third of all plastic packaging leaks into the ocean.

What if we had an Artificial Intelligence system managing the recycle and reuse of plastic and a new generation of compostable plastics that ultimately drove the plastic companies out of business leading to the collapse of capitalism since the plastics industry is the third largest manufacturing industry in the U.S?

In this new America the recycling AI manages and keeps a profile on your consumer and waste habits, instructing awareness through fines if certain recycling procedures aren’t met. The AI controls so much of the recycling process that humans start avoiding plastics and because of recycling there is no supply and demand so the plastic business collapses. Humans start to bring new values and meaning back into objects since there is no longer a surplus of one-use items.

Since the plastic industry crashes the food industry is forced into more farm to table and organic production since plastic isn’t being used to package food. More algae farms are put in place as we start to use biodegradable algae bioplastics.